Gold Eagle Food Packing Printing FTY

金鷹食品彩印廠成立於2003年,主要是印刷烘焙紙品用具,蛋糕紙杯,蛋糕盒,蛋糕板,蛋糕架,餐巾,紙碟,派對產品。本公司多數是出口市場,以歐洲,美國, 加拿大,德國為主。

Gold Eagle Printing Factory establish in 2003, it is mainly engaged in baking cups, foil cups, nuts cup, cake boxes, cake drums, cake board,  nakin, paper plates  & design items in party. The Company main market, Europe, the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany.


為了保證客戶滿意度,我們引入了先進的設備設施,並在生產各個位置有完善的質量檢查系統。 本公司已取得不同的認證,如良好作業規範,國際標準化組織,質量安全,全球安全驗證,供應商工廠評估,這些認證可令客戶知道我們的專業及增加信心。

Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enables us to guarantee total customer satisfaction. The company has taken a different authentication, such as Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP), the International Organization for Standardization(ISO9001), Quality and Safety(QS), Global Security verification(GSV), Workplace Conditions Assessment(WCA), providing strong, reliable and trustworthy for our customers.


面對複雜多變的社會形式,我們以客人為先,本公司可按客人要求設計包裝,產品。 本始終堅持誠信經營,努力不懈,認真做事,培養大批的高素質專業技術人材,為公司的良好發展提供了保障。

Faced with complex social forms, we design the packaging and products for customers special request. We will be recognized as having professional standards. Our company will possess superior knowledge and skills for the benefit of our customers.

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